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Thursday, May 19, 2011

AMDEF Model Painting

Model Painting, originally uploaded by OneSevenNine.
This is going to be great!
We are actually painting not at the Crocodile, but The Underground a few blocks away in conjunction with this event.
I really like painting on models... The last time I did this I did feathers around my model's body. I think this time I will be doing something similar but with wispy hair and fox faces.

Here is an image of a little bit of what I was doing at the Femme Fatale last year. This wrapped all around her torso down to her legs. You can see more images in the Artsy Fartsy Shows on the Flickr.

Pretty hype to be painting with Solace and Burn and of course the Artifakt guys.

Also! Ana Bender will be performing as well! So get your butt there if you know what's good for you! Here is a link to her Facebook Page;

See you soon!

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