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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sketchbook Battles!

I have been really wanting to get back into sketching and blackbooking.

Favorite tools of this trade to have?
-Good, solid mechanical pencil and a clean eraser.
-Microns (08's and Graphic 2's)
-Warm Grey scale marker set (for proper shading)
-Say No-No to colorless blenders... Use a lighter color to blend your colors together.
-A bleeder sheet, I forgot mine and it leaked through to the next page. Oh well...

I had tons of fun doing this. We watched Gorillas in the Mist and ate a delicious Hawaiian inspired dinner tonight. Now I am onto a logo for brother's company Gods of Geometry (GOG), check them out!

Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, September 27, 2010

San Pancho Benefit :: Framed Edition

Working hard tonight, getting things ready and such. Here are a few updates...

Here are the prints, signed and numbered. There are 32 in total. They were printed 2 to a sheet and I had to hand tear them to separate them. It feels good and I love the way they turned out. Thank you Scratch Master Joe for printing them for me at The Vera Project. You are my hero!

Remember, the $20.00 is a suggested donation, so if you can in a position to give less or more, anything and everything helps! Every donation gets a Thank You and a 179 Rooster Print... Be sure to follow the Paypal DONATION button and put in your correct mailing address so I may ship them out hassle free!

For Print 10, I am doing a special:: Next person to donate to the San Pancho fund will get a FRAMED 179 Rooster Print! Shipping is free and Next Day if you live in Washington or Oregon with standard mail.

Be sure to check up on the event coming up THIS SUNDAY!!
Here is the Facebook information;

For more information on what is happening in San Pancho please visit;

Thanks for your support!

179 Monster:: Circa 2005

This little monster was created from Sculpy. 
He is a heart monster.

I did a few of these for fun and I just found him today at the warehouse stashed under my desk. Poor thing.
Maybe I'll do some more...

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Winner of 179 Hit Counter!

You are the winner of a Medusa Print! Thank you so much for your support!!

If you can email me my hit counter at -179, you too will be the winner of a special prize!
Take a screenshot and email me your address!
Be good!


Monday, September 20, 2010

San Pancho::179 Rooster Print

El Gallo (Rooster) Suggested Donation:: $20.00
This illustration I did while in Mexico at the time of the flooding. It is silk-screened, signed and numbered by hand for you. Please give generously. Illustrations will be mailed out at the end of every week up until the end of October. The goal is to reach $15,000 by then so please help us reach this goal.

Things to keep in mind before you donate, shipping for the Northwest is next day (for those who are anxious), give what you can (this is a suggested donation), free stickers and a personalized 'Thank You' note included and if you are unable to make an online donation, please come to the event at Waids. I will have details of the event and poster up on the blog as soon as I know more! I do plan on live-painting for the event with the painting auctioned off at the end of the night.

For those of you who know me, I was in Mexico at the time of the flooding. I waded through thigh deep waters and watched helplessly while families lost homes. Although I had the opportunity to go home to my family and life, many families are still without. I learned valuable lessons on my trip and would love to give thanks and support by having this print to offer you for as a 'Thank You' for helping Entreamigos and those who are working towards rebuilding this community.

For more information please visit;

Here are some images from my adventures in Mexico;

Thank you for your support,

Images from Mexico

This was taken on our way to San Pancho in a little town called Tequila. He was the sound track to awesome-ness.

This is the bridge that collapsed. This is the only bridge in San Pancho. A pedestrian bridge was built the next day only to be torn down again by floods.

These are inspirations for future illustrations and prints.

This is the beach.

Love, Angelinas

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ruby Massage:: 179@ Ballard Art Walk

Thanks to handsome man and little egg for hanging this show while I was in Mexico. They are the best helpers! And thank you Ballard for coming to support, I always feel the love when I show in this neighborhood.

Upcoming projects are Halloween Group Show at Upper Playground Seattle, Special Edition Rooster Prints (the proceeds while go to The San Pancho Relief Fund in Mexico to help re-build the community) and The Punk Rock Flea Market poster design for December!

Busy, busy, busy bee!

This show is a short one and will be up for only a week or so. If you are around, please stop by!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Bumbershoot Pre-Funk


Check out this handsome face! He stopped by the warehouse to say hello!

This is one of the exhibits from Bumbershoot. Classic comic books. I love the line quality, how bold the black and white illustrations are and the sense of humor of this genre.

And here is the poster to the event. Excellent. This event was win. Thank you all who went and took pics. I'll find some good ones on Flickr and post them!


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Projects and good pictures!

I am sending a care package of stickers to a bunch of soldiers so they can decorate their military offices. I'm trying to get them to take a picture of one of the stickers on a tank, cool.
This Good Egg pic was a text from wonderful Smelly, thanks for thinking of me on the road!

Please be sure to stop by the Bumbershoot Art Opening this Friday. I am so dance partying it up on Saturday for Balkan Beat Box, Bob Dylan and Neko Case!