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Monday, May 30, 2011

The winner!

The winner!, originally uploaded by OneSevenNine.

Congrats!!! We have a winner!
Thank you so much Ksera for being a good and supportive egg. I appreciate all you do!

I am also appreciative of all the people who support me painting on stuff.


Belltown Mural 2011

Belltown Mural 2011, originally uploaded by OneSevenNine.

Weekend FUN!
I am apart of an amazing wall going down on Belltown's Underground Events Center.
We are painting the ENTIRE WALL TOP TO BOTTOM!

I am pleased to be working with Sign Savant Japhy Witte, Michal Okonski, NKO and the lovely Ego. Here is a tidbit of some of the work going down. We'll be working on this in installments since I will be going out of town this coming weekend to SF. Pleased stay tuned for more images and updates.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Few and Far:: SF here we come!

few and far flyer front, originally uploaded by OneSevenNine.

We are coming from far to SF and Oakland for the MNT Sponsored Few and Far mural event. This is going to be super fun. I will be painting with some of the most amazing and inspiring ladies of graffiti. This is going to be a really positive and amazing event.

I will be participating on the mural project as one of the brush artists with 2 other ladies. I don't know what I will be painting just yet, but I will be sure to update the Flickr, Facebook and of course The Blog!

Check out the interview I helped put together on the Artprimo.com website. We interviewed 3 of the ladies painting; Toofly from NYC, Reds and Ksera;

I'm going back to Cali!

PS: Right now the 179 Blog count has just passed 10,100... If you can send me a pic of the blog counter at 10,179 you will get an amazing prize in celebration of over ten thousand support views for the site! Email or post it on the Facebook fanpage...
 179 Facebook Fan Page (Be sure to hit the LIKE Button!)


Friday, May 27, 2011

Ksera & 179 Demo Video

We did a demo for the water based acrylic marker line by Molotow One4All the other day. While snacking on delicious Cambodian food, we drew in these blackbooks to test out how awesome these markers are. You can get them on the site; artprimo.com

Check out the video and the cameos by The Green Ranger, Weirdo and Huemer!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

AMDEF model painting

179 AMDEF Screenshot 02

Here is a wonderful shot of my model by one of the photographers there. Please be sure to visit his site and view the rest of the amazing photos from that night.

AMDEF model painting, originally uploaded by OneSevenNine.
Oh man, what fun!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

AMDEF Model Painting

Model Painting, originally uploaded by OneSevenNine.
This is going to be great!
We are actually painting not at the Crocodile, but The Underground a few blocks away in conjunction with this event.
I really like painting on models... The last time I did this I did feathers around my model's body. I think this time I will be doing something similar but with wispy hair and fox faces.

Here is an image of a little bit of what I was doing at the Femme Fatale last year. This wrapped all around her torso down to her legs. You can see more images in the Artsy Fartsy Shows on the Flickr.

Pretty hype to be painting with Solace and Burn and of course the Artifakt guys.

Also! Ana Bender will be performing as well! So get your butt there if you know what's good for you! Here is a link to her Facebook Page;

See you soon!

Friday, May 13, 2011

179 City Hostel Project

179 City Hostel Project, originally uploaded by OneSevenNine.

I am trying to find the rest of these images online... I did the bathroom and the rest of the room in patterns and a huge LITERAL Butterfly Knife... Anyhoo, here you go! You can see this at the next Drink and Draw next Thursday!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

179 Ego Collaborations

179 Ego Collabo , originally uploaded by OneSevenNine.

This might be my most favorite of the Artopletic, or maybe the first one? Hhmmmm, you should check the Flickr and find out!


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cinco De Mayo Event:: Blogged on a Blog

Yes! You are big time when you are blogged on another blog!
Here is what the West Seattle Blog had to say about the event coming up tomorrow;

6:30. The kids are in a sugar coma, the politico types are home writing letters to their local op-ed columns, and the seedy underbelly of South Park emerges. That’s right… Artists! They confront the two evils that strike fear in the psyche of every artist: A deadline, and a live audience! Five brave souls will pit their skills against each other and the clock to create works of art that must be completed within 1 Hour. While they are working, they will be in full view of the audience, and the audience gets to bid silently on the works while they are in process. All proceeds from the silent auction will go to support Arts & Cultural experiences for the teens at the South Park Community Center. All bids must be in by 7:30! *As a side note: All five artists will be starting with the same canvas… doors reclaimed from the historical “Witches Hat House” on 7th Ave S.

The pressure is on! Come watch me sweat it out and paint something people are going to want to buy for a very excellent cause!

For more on the West Seattle Blog visit;

And I hope to see you soon!

Cinco De Mayo:: Live Painting Event

I am live painting this Thursday for Cinco de Mayo in South Park! Here is the basic premise of the show;
Five artists will transform doors salvaged from the historic Witch Hat House into works of art. In one hour you’ll see a plain white door change from a cocoon into a freaking beeyootiful butterfly.
 And then, you’ll even be able to bid on that butterfly! That’s right. The art will be available to the highest (silent) bidder when the doors are complete.  Proceeds from the auction will go to art events and field trips for our South Park Teen Program.

This is going to be so much fun! Here is the line-up;
These are all amazing artists and we will definitely entertain you for the evening. There will be pizza and sunshine; that makes for a very happy me. Check the link below for more details;


Thanks and I hope to see you soon!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Double Vision, the results are in!

Artist I am painting:: Pars
Artist who is painting me:: NKO

A pair of excellent eggs!

The rest of the line-up is listed at the end of the video, but this show is going to be so tight. I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone creates (including my pair).

I did have to switch the painting I originally did for another one I worked on all night Sunday at. it was way too abstract (which might have been a little too easy for NKO...) I just want a little more time with it to perfect whatever epiphany I am coming close to.

Be good!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Germbots:: Ego Version

Germbots:: Ego Version, originally uploaded by OneSevenNine.

Ego did Germbots!
I love this and it's in my home.

See you at the live paintings on Thursday!