Angelina Villalobos is a fine artist who combines environment and folklore into her subject matter which attempts to understand religion, culture & family structure in the jigsaw of modern society. Going by the pen name 179, please subscribe to the blog for more updates!

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gift for La Madre.

I love doing illustrations. I feel I can zone out on these Micron/ Bristol board worlds.

The Medusa Print came from this process.

The process in which I work is I start out with a concept. From the concept I think of visual ways I can communicate to the viewer. I pencil, ink and then crosshatch patterns, shading and designs to draw your eye in.

These are the most common commissions I do for clients. They have been turned to tattoo designs, clothing and framed as gifts.

This one, titled Chain Mail, was created when I saw a grandfather clock. It had chains hanging from the face with medallions beautifully decorated. I figure her face is like the face of the clock; timeless while still counting time.

My mother loved it so I had to give it to her, who better to appreciate something I create then the person who ultimately created me?

These particular illustrations were framed by the AMAZING LIZA DANGER!
Thank you!

Besitos, Angelinas

Friday, May 28, 2010


This Scorpion looks like he is sporting a monocle. Like that peanut guy!
In any case, thank you Mark for supporting me and congratulations to the happy couple this went to.
Thank you both form coming to my Upper Playground show!

Love Angelina

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monster Fresh:: Oh Mishceivious Me Review

If you missed the show which is now officially down so sadface if you missed it. Never fear. MonsterFresh.com has a good part of the show available to see along with a write up of the show on their site;

Monsterfresh.com/ Oh Mischievous Me

Take a look and formulate thoughts. This show has been a ground breaker for me and has inspired me to progress my style and content to the next level. I am looking forward to sketching out ideas and expanding on things I didn't have time to execute for this show.

I am looking forward to finishing up an octopus painting for this years' Rock and Roll Marathon, a mural job and a skate show at Vera. Don't worry, I'll keep all you wonderful people posted with fliers, progression shots of on-site projects and of course the blog.

If you see anything you are interested in, paintings are still available. Again thank you to Jen Vertz she is amazing. Solace at Family Fortune and Shaina who hung the show. Thanks for Chris at Monster Fresh for the interview and review. And of course Corey, for inspiration, critiques and support.

You can also see fun pictures of this night at www.strawberriesandchampain.com
This  blog documents art appreciation at it's finest.

List of images from top to bottom are as follows;
  • One Seven Nine Monster Letter Installation
    On the wall of Upper Playground now buffed.
  • Bee Hunter
  • Wolf in Sheep's' Clothing
    Acrylic and Gouache
  • Ugly Duckling
    Acrylic and Gouache
  • Man faced Fish
  • Medusa Print Framed



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blast from the Past:: Submerge 179 Interview

I went to Sacramento a few years back to show at an amazing clothing boutique name United State.

For the event; Sacramento's' Art Walk and Live Painting I interviewed with Submerge Magazine.

Here is a exert from the interview;

Are your parents supportive of your artwork?
At first they weren't. At first it was graffiti, and it was vandalizing, and it was criminal, and they couldn't understand that aspect. When I started doing more art, and I started going to school for design, they got more supportive. Now that IĆ¢€™m doing shows, they're seeing the rewards of all my hard work. Because, you know, they're family and their concerned: Get a job, get married, have kids. You're 25, why aren't you working on a career and settling down. Being Mexican Catholic, I should have five kids by now [laughs]. But they're seeing it paying off and kind of breaking that mold of what it means to be a Latina these days. I don't have to follow the same path that my aunties and my mom did.

Please read the rest of the article here;

I have noticed from the recent interview by Dead C of Monster Fresh for the Citrus Report; I hold the same ideas as before, I have just matured as they have and developed them into the foundation of my art. Although highly political, they seem to have a playful way that isn't too imposing.
I want you to see my ideas and opinions, not change yours.

Right now I am listening to The Moldy Peaches, drinking the best white wine the fridge has to offer and painting a giant octopus with an Elvis do for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. I'll post update pictures when it starts really taking shape.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2009.254 - 179 Live Painting

2009.254 - 179 Live Painting
Originally uploaded by Slightlynorth

Ahh, Slightly North, How I love to steal your flicks =)
I can always count on you for awesome pics, thanks!

This one is a favorite for sure.
This was from my solo show at The Whisky Bar, one of the funnest shows to date.


White Center::179 & Boohi & Sua Mural

This awesome mural I completed the summer of '09 with a bunch of wonderful youth who volunteered their Saturday morning to clean the neighborhood. This was done with about 20 youth and volunteers and was quite the feat!

This inspiration for this painting was to promote community and bring them together. A butterfly in the middle holds all the dynamics together.

This past weekend, Boohi and Sua completed the panels on the sides of the mural with amazing patterns and colors.

The whole wall is magnificent.
Thank you!

Please check out their blog; The Hand of Savage


Sunday, May 16, 2010

U-District::Upper Playground

Check out what we did today!
You missed out if you didn't make it out! The weather was lovely, there were deep fried peanut butter sandwiches in abundance and bubble tea! I declined the fried peanut butter sandwiches... A little too weird for me.

Thanks for everyone that showed up and supported!
This is your last week to catch the Oh, Mischievous Me Show, so make it on down before this opportunity passes you by.

Be sure to check out Solaces' Blog for more info on his art!
Upcoming projects we share are the Skate Show at the Vera project in July, keep your eyes open for updates!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Punk Rock Flea Market:: Art Primo Booth

June 5th!

Be there or be square, I will be working the Art Primo booth selling Lee Hot, Art Primo Logo and 179 shirts. Stop by and bring me coffee!

Check out their Myspace as well::

If you have any special requests, split streak, custom cap pack, stickers? Let me know a head of time and maybe I'll hook you up =)

If you aren't familiar with Art Primo, visit the site;
it's the worlds largest graffiti supply website in the world.
If we don't sell it, you don't need it!

Check out the new sticker I designed for the company. We will have these in abundance, come and pick one up!

Love and Happiness,

Thursday, May 13, 2010

U-District Street Fair:: Live Painting

Sunday 16th from 10-6

Solace and I will be live painting in front of The Upper Playground SEA for this event. Stop by and say hello!
Bring me coffee, hugs and well wishes! Bring Sam a Red Bull!

179 Bee Amigo shirts from Family Fortune will be on sale!
For more info check their site out! Family Fortune Clothing

If you missed the opening of my solo show Oh, Mischievous Me, here is your chance to take a look.

For more info : U-District Street Fair Website

Here is an oldie but goodie.
Germbot Painting titled Goodness.
11x14, Acrylic, 200.00
What a happy Germbot Buddha. 
See you there!

Love Angelinas

germbots beware

germbots beware
Originally uploaded by jo.blackford

Germbots Beware!

Germbots Beware!
Originally uploaded by liquidnight

They are famous. I got curious on Google Images again and searched GERMBOTS.
Looks like they are super photogenic and are popping up on a street corner near you!

What a bunch of hams!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Class Act:: Pioneer Square

First Thursday for the month of May, be sure to check out Class Act at Electric Coffin!

Featuring the genius of 179, Carlos Aguilar, Killah Kate and Sam Solace amongst friends.

Guess which one is me?


Friday, May 7, 2010

179 in Milan

Check it out! I'm here shamelessly promoting myself withe stickers,
hanging out at catherdrals and eating wonderful food! Yeah!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Mural at The Vera Project

The Ver(a)rt Gallery and The Vera Project are pleased to present a new mural by the local artistic phenoms Solace and 179, who will be painting live on Saturday, April 24th in the gallery. You are invited to come check out their work-in-progress, their styles and techniques from 3 - 6:30 PM. The artists have graciously agreed to answer questions you might have about painting murals and their artwork in general, so come on down with your burning muralistic queries!

To find our more about The Vera Project please visit their website!

Sorry little loves, this event already happened, but read more for some of the highlights of the day!

Sam was wonderful enough to take the high spots even though he dislikes heights as much as I do. The lovely Shaina came and hung out for a little bit and we all jammed to the best new radion station Seattle has to offer.

Gracias to all the people that showed up for the QandA session. 

If you missed it, The Vera will have more of these mural sessions, so please check the website for dates. If you would like to paint a mural, be sure to email them.

 Here is the link to see the rest of the pictures The Vera has on their Flickr!

I am in Barcelona on a spray-cation!
I will be out of town till the 11th, thanks!