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Monday, June 7, 2010

From Sketches to Walls

You take this sketch.

Or any sketch with monsters, hot dogs, chicken feet and teapots. Or whatever strikes your fancy.
Mine are choco-tacos and pellegrino. Oh an Netflix on the Wii. Our family loves this new freedom.

You put it on this wall!

Or anything that catches your fancy. I like walls, t-shirts and stickers to give friends and people I don't like.

You get this!

Thank you Strawberries and Champain
for letting me steal this flick =)
Take a look at this blog for artsy updates!

Or you get this;
This is a design I did for Art Primo; the worlds largest online graffiti supply website.

Art Primo/ 179 Design


Yours today for 25.00
Free stickers with every purchase!

I am currently working on a CD design illustration with a hairy arm, a skateboard for the skate show at The Vera Project and concepting for a large installation.
Stay tuned for details!


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