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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monster Fresh:: Oh Mishceivious Me Review

If you missed the show which is now officially down so sadface if you missed it. Never fear. MonsterFresh.com has a good part of the show available to see along with a write up of the show on their site;

Monsterfresh.com/ Oh Mischievous Me

Take a look and formulate thoughts. This show has been a ground breaker for me and has inspired me to progress my style and content to the next level. I am looking forward to sketching out ideas and expanding on things I didn't have time to execute for this show.

I am looking forward to finishing up an octopus painting for this years' Rock and Roll Marathon, a mural job and a skate show at Vera. Don't worry, I'll keep all you wonderful people posted with fliers, progression shots of on-site projects and of course the blog.

If you see anything you are interested in, paintings are still available. Again thank you to Jen Vertz she is amazing. Solace at Family Fortune and Shaina who hung the show. Thanks for Chris at Monster Fresh for the interview and review. And of course Corey, for inspiration, critiques and support.

You can also see fun pictures of this night at www.strawberriesandchampain.com
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List of images from top to bottom are as follows;
  • One Seven Nine Monster Letter Installation
    On the wall of Upper Playground now buffed.
  • Bee Hunter
  • Wolf in Sheep's' Clothing
    Acrylic and Gouache
  • Ugly Duckling
    Acrylic and Gouache
  • Man faced Fish
  • Medusa Print Framed



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