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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gift for La Madre.

I love doing illustrations. I feel I can zone out on these Micron/ Bristol board worlds.

The Medusa Print came from this process.

The process in which I work is I start out with a concept. From the concept I think of visual ways I can communicate to the viewer. I pencil, ink and then crosshatch patterns, shading and designs to draw your eye in.

These are the most common commissions I do for clients. They have been turned to tattoo designs, clothing and framed as gifts.

This one, titled Chain Mail, was created when I saw a grandfather clock. It had chains hanging from the face with medallions beautifully decorated. I figure her face is like the face of the clock; timeless while still counting time.

My mother loved it so I had to give it to her, who better to appreciate something I create then the person who ultimately created me?

These particular illustrations were framed by the AMAZING LIZA DANGER!
Thank you!

Besitos, Angelinas

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