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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dancing Shoes: Custom Paint

Jailbird Rock!

These I did for a friend who was just released from the slammer! He is near and dear and so I decided to do a comic-style short story with these and incorporate his life. The banner ended up reading "A Setback is a Set-up for a Comeback!" Very witty of him. There is a skateboard with hotrod flames flying through a lightning storm. A padlock freeing a laughing jailbird and a calavera. I am proud.

These I used the Molotow High Solid Markers I received from Art Primo. Check the video demo I did for them on their Youtube Channel;

Dancing Shoes: Custom Paint

Along with acrylic paint I applied with a paintbrush, I was able to get the details I needed. This was extremely fun and I had a good time doing this. Little egg was really interested in this project so I hope I can get her to make her own custom pair! How cool would that be?

Anyhoo, I am excited to give these to him for the holidays. I hope everyone has a safe one as well, cheers!


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