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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Streamline Mural Project


Here are some images of a mural I recently finished.
The company sells music equipment and such so the theme had to be music related.
Here is a link to what they do;

So they wanted a music theme involving the characters I do being mischievous and cute. I did my best incorporating the two and making scenes where these characters take on personalities similar to the how people feel.

An Ipod loving Pickle, a distressed Germbot and a guitar heart for a Gremlin for instance.

Although painting and drawing have always been my passion; one thing I cannot live without is music. I listen to music like it the air I breathe. But one thing I have always wanted to do is play and create music.

So far, the harmonica, the ukulele and the clarinet have sustained me. But I have since become antsy.

Fortunatly for me, this awesome company also sells guitars, so guess what is the newest addition to my musical parade of instruments I will one day master?
Yup, the guitar.
Funny, the thing is bigger then me and I can't quite wrap my little hands around the neck, but I am optimistic.

So look forward to me one day doing  an R. Crumb and making my own band of serenades! Ha!


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