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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Cirtus Report::179 Interview

I was recently interviewed by Christopher Altenburg of The Citrus Report; an online blog based out of SF. I enjoyed talking with him and answering his questions. The article I am very proud of and highly recommend.

Here is a teaser question he asked. You should read the rest of the interview as it will give you insight on the show coming up this Friday.
TCR: I’ve noticed that you’ve done some live paintings, which always seemed a little daunting of a thing to do.
Yeah, people say that. They’re super easy for me, because I tune things out. I’m really good at just shutting it off and just doing my own thing, because that’s what I do at home. I zone out and I have background- like, I’m worst energy waster in the world. I’ll have the radio on, I’ll have the TV on, there will be 3 people at the house… I’m used to the hecticness around and I’ll also be able to paint and focus. So when I do it at shows and people are looking and talking, it doesn’t bother me at all. It’s fun, because I like people seeing the process of how I work. Like when I paint, if you look closely, you can see pencil lines and eraser marks, because I just like process. I like seeing that in other people’s work and I like it when people see it in my work. It’s just kind of how my mind works.

For the rest, please go to;
The Cirtus Report:: 179 Interview

And here is a teaser of one of the paintings that is giving me the most heart-ache right now... Her body is just not right to me. And I feel I am overworking the color again. I think I need to be put back on probation. Black and White needs to be my perimeters in order for me to be creative and not relay so much on color as a crutch.

Again, the show is this Friday at Upper Playground Seattle in the U-District, I hope to see you there.

I will have Family Fortune Tshirts to sell of the 179 Bee Amigos Design.

I will also have prints to sell and will have the image soon. Look for the Paypal pre-sale button on Wednesday!


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