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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Awesome Internets!

Have you ever searched your name in google?

These are examples of what pops up when I search in Google Images under; Angel179
This is a fun exercise when you are idling by a computer with internet access...

The first image was of this past Comic Con in San Diego. Pocket Full of Monsters had an awesome show at the Beauty Bar where we live painted. See there? Paint all over my hands? Typical.

This second image is of a gallery showing I had in Portland several years back. I did small, cute and affordable pieces for the holiday. This show I unfortunately did not make the trip, but from the pictures I saw online, it looked spectacular.

This final one is of a live painting I did here in Seattle with Augie. You can check his amazing artwork on his blog which is linked to My Inspirations. This event was amazing. I'll get proper links in here when I get the chance. Thanks Augie!

Anyhoo, thanks again for all your support, I am off snowboarding right now with a bunch of amazing future leaders of America with the Chill Program, I'll link them as well when I get a few minutes.


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