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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Few and Far Women in Miami 2011

Few and Far Women hit Miami Art Basel

This coming December 1st - 4th the Few and Far  ladies hit Miami for the infamous Miami Art Basel. We are going to be doing a large mural production with 13 of the Few and Far women painting at the Primary Flight compound, 554 NW 24th Street, Miami, FL 33127. We have an amazing group of talented and prolific women joining together on this piece, and have our own personal photographer, Erin Ashford ,  coming along to document, so if you are in the area, be sure to stop by and check it out!! 

Few and Far Women hit Miami Art Basel

Participating artists include:
Meme , Ksra , Glow, Hops, Reds, Tatiana Suarez, Amandalynn, Lady Mags, Erin Yoshi, Gloria Muriel, Too Fly, Dime, Agana, 179

Sponsored by:
Ironlak  and Nomads

Yes, this is going to be great, we have been working on sketches and designs so we can get to work as soon as our feet touch the ground. In the meantime back in Seattle if you are in Belltown, be sure to stop by the Gary Manuel Salon for a small showing of paintings from this past year. This will be up all month so you have time.

Progress on Belltown Wall

I will also be gallivanting this season's Punk Rock Flea Market on the 10th of December at the Underground also in Belltown. I love buying handmade soap and vintage clothing from Indian Summer and Midnight Mart! As you know this past fall, Ego, Japhy Witte, NKO and I painted a larger than life sized mural on the North side of the building. Come check it out!

See you there!


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