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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Augie | Ego | 179

Augie | Ego | 179 by OneSevenNine
Augie | Ego | 179, a photo by OneSevenNine on Flickr.
Here are 2 of my favorites and I at Artoleptic 2011.
Mr. Augie Pagan and Ego.

This is the finished piece we worked on together. It was the first time I worked in collaboration with Augie. I have worked in the past at events at the 9lb Hammer in Georgetown for Art Jam (Check out the Seattle Weekly link for pics of this kick butt event). Collaborations of course is something Ego and I love to do and Artoleptic is on of our favorite events.

I have linked their names with their sites as well as Artoleptic, please make sure to check out their amazing work!


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