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Monday, September 20, 2010

San Pancho::179 Rooster Print

El Gallo (Rooster) Suggested Donation:: $20.00
This illustration I did while in Mexico at the time of the flooding. It is silk-screened, signed and numbered by hand for you. Please give generously. Illustrations will be mailed out at the end of every week up until the end of October. The goal is to reach $15,000 by then so please help us reach this goal.

Things to keep in mind before you donate, shipping for the Northwest is next day (for those who are anxious), give what you can (this is a suggested donation), free stickers and a personalized 'Thank You' note included and if you are unable to make an online donation, please come to the event at Waids. I will have details of the event and poster up on the blog as soon as I know more! I do plan on live-painting for the event with the painting auctioned off at the end of the night.

For those of you who know me, I was in Mexico at the time of the flooding. I waded through thigh deep waters and watched helplessly while families lost homes. Although I had the opportunity to go home to my family and life, many families are still without. I learned valuable lessons on my trip and would love to give thanks and support by having this print to offer you for as a 'Thank You' for helping Entreamigos and those who are working towards rebuilding this community.

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Here are some images from my adventures in Mexico;

Thank you for your support,

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