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Friday, October 17, 2008


Seattle /// Damion Hayes
BLVD is proud to present “Fanatic” a group show that explores the enthusiasm expressed in “Fan” art. The artists participating in this show were given the task of creating art that is in tribute to something that they are truly a fan of. It did not matter whether it was related to entertainment, though much of it is, or cultural pursuits but had to be straight from the heart. BLVD Gallery is fanatic about the vibrant talent here in Seattle so most of the artists involved are from the area and are showing with us for the first time. Intermixed with them are some veteranos like Pars and Ego, as well as a surprise installation from longtime gallery fixtures Zeta Mek.

BLVD Gallery
2316 2nd Ave Seattle Wa 98121
t. 206.448.8767

Featuring work by -
Pars, Ego, OneSevenNine, Julio Guerrero, Aloha Terrorists, Drewad
Weirdo, Jefferey Taylor, Zeta Mek, Miguel “Wero” Cuevas, Ben Adams

I chose to do a Mogwai being terrorized by a Gremlin. When I was little I totally thought of myself as a Mogwai. Now being older and having a good time in life, I am definitely a Gremlin!
Be sure to check out the show, everyone really did good!

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